Peter Greenstone

Peter Greenstone is an outside artist to the music world, having only recently starting to write and produce his own music after years of casual guitar playing and singing for his own pleasure and for friends. With the discovery of what he could do with a simple home studio and digital recording and mixing software Peter was inspired and found an untapped musical ability within himself. For many years he has worked as a visual artist, mainly as an animation/visual effects artist for films and television, but he has never found a more rewarding form of creativity than creating music and lyrics that affect other people on such a personal level. In this, Peter Greenstone has found a unique voice.

Peter's debut album is "Something."

Something is the first album of music from Austin, Texas artist Peter Greenstone. Writing and recording music over the course of 2005, Peter has produced this eclectic collection at his home in Austin. The music ranges in style from upbeat rock to dark epic, from acoustic simplicity to massive, lush hybrids of orchestral, electronic, and "other" arrangements. It is a journey through an ever-changing musical world.


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Something by Peter Greenstone is a factory pressed CD and comes with a full-color, 12-panel insert with lyrics for all songs.

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