Tobin Mueller: Morning Whispers

Tobin Mueller's artistic career spans time, genres, medium, and artistic field. A renowned playright, director, and musician, Tobin brings decades of experience in all of his crafts to bear in powerful musical repertoire that includes theatrical work, jazz, new age, and rock.

Tobin's debut album with Simig Media records is the vibrant solo piano work, "Morning Whispers."

Morning Whispers is the result of a special commission designed to create a cycle of songs for solo piano dedicated to healing and joyful passion.  To be sure, there is an overwhelming feeling of lovingness within these songs, but a strong current of melancholy and, more importantly, exploration and courage help bring to this music a depth that goes beyond the original intent.  The end result is poetic and inspirational.

There are moments of innocence and simplicity, moments of cascading key changes and aural wonder, moments of passion and exultation. Many of the songs run 5-8 minutes, epic compositions that move in and out of themes with ease, displaying a brilliant sense of variation and virtuosity.  The collection coheres as if it were a single piece.

"Morning Whispers" is a fascinating CD on several levels. It is not music that will stay in the background - it needs to be listened to - so if you enjoy original solo piano music with complexity and a bit of a challenge, this is a great CD to sink your musical teeth into.
- Kathy Parsons, Solo PIano Publications

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